ATPL Datawarehouse & BI Services

ATPL Datawarehouse & BI Services

❓ Want to integrate multiple different sources (On-
Prem/Cloud/Legacy System) of data and want to Analyze
the same ?

❓ Want to better business decisions and Reduce Manual
Intervention ?

❓ Want to Analyze historical data and take decisions ?

❓ Want historical records, even if the source transaction
systems does not ?

❓ Want to run reports on data warehouse which will
optimized for read access, resulting in faster report
generation without impacting the operational Systems ?

❓ Want to users can create their own reports without having
to get IT involved ?

👉 If All above Question’s Result is : “YES”

✅ then you have to must go for Data warehouses

👍 Benefits of a Data Warehouse and BI solution :

Once a data warehouse is in place and populated with
data, it will become a part of a BI solution that will deliver
benefits to business users in many ways:

✅ Report Creation by End / Business Users – No Need to IT
✅ Ad-hoc reporting and analysis – Combination of SSRS &
Power BI
✅ Dynamic presentation through POWER BI Dashboards
✅ Drill-Down& Drill – Through Capability
✅ Support for operational processes
✅ Data Mining & Cleaning
✅ Analytical tool support

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